Sunday, September 30, 2007

Old Fashioned Social Networking

Interesting weekend. We went to Robyn Jones' party on Saturday evening, it was fun. City BBQ food, football projected onto a tarp on the gazebo, maybe 50 people had come through at the time we left. I didn't get to talk to too many folks, as C. was feeling rambunctious, and what I did talk about was mainly football and the blog. I talked with Ben Kessler about his campaign for Council, and I hope to get a semi-formal interview up here with him soon. In particular, I didn't get much of a chance to talk to Ms. Jones, a fact which she seemed sincerely disappointed about when I was saying good night.

So then we went to Travis Irvine's party today. It was a much different affair, but not as much different as one might expect. Just like last night, most everybody there had met the candidate before, and also just like last night people knew who I was because they recognized S. & C. from Thursday night's picture. Interestingly, I spent most of my time at this party talking about issues, as Travis flipped burgers and handed me a printout of the Bexley City Budget. It was a smaller crowd than at the Jones party, but I learned a lot of South Bexley background.

And Baby C. received her first candidate kiss of the season:

While we were there Mr. Irvine kindly handed me a flyer for a campaign party being held by Gene Weiss this evening, but we ended up skipping that one, so I've got no news from there.

Hopefully I'll become a better society writer by the time the campaign ends a month from now.

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