Monday, November 29, 2010

Blogging Again, But...

A year off from blogging has been good for me, but it's time to fire up the keyboard once more. The blogging, for the most part at least, won't be here at Blue Bexley, but over at Plunderbund, currently the premier Ohio political blog. I'm very excited about collaborating with those guys, and I hope you'll visit there/subscribe if you don't already do so.

All of my blogging on state and regional politics, and any other general interest topics, will be done at Plunderbund, and posted there exclusively. I have no immediate plans to start up Blue Bexley again, and if I do start it up again, it will be hyper-local (e.g. BB is pro-chicken, wants to know why the school board gets veto power on Priada's liquor license after voters have approved it, etc.). Once again, though, if you've been waiting for hyper-local Bexley blogging, you're still waiting. :)

Actually, if someone reading this has, knows of, or is planning to start a Bexley blog, send me a link.