Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Nothing scarier than firing up Google Reader and having '100+' show up as the number of unread items, especially when there's plenty to write about that I'm not getting 'fed' ...

The Blue Jackets won. They didn't just win, they shut out their opponent. They didn't just shut out an opponent, they did it on the road. They didn't just shut out a team on the road, they shut out the Avs in Denver. The CBJ has had one prior victory (in Overtime) against the Avalanche in the 22 game history of the matchup. I haven't been excited about the team since opening week, but I'm trying to work my schedule so that I can be at Nationwide on the 10th.

As long as I'm on sports, I think it is reprehensible what the poll voters did to Michigan's football team, and I think it was entirely appropriate for Tressel to abstain. I like ethics. Crazy old me.

I'm still surprised when anyone listens to my opinion, but I've gotten two comments recently that confirm that somebody does... The first was about my transportation opinions, from someone at the local news site Columbus Underground. I think they found me via my post on Woodland Meadows, which also attracted the notice of Jorge Newbery, the owner of that complex. He is telling his side of the story on his blog.

Stories that have my attention:

Mental Health Parity
Highway Caps
Transition Team

And obviously the recount in Ohio's 20th House District, which I'll provide updates on as I get/find them.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bev Campbell Officially Requests Full Recount of 20th District Race

I've received word that Bev Campbell, Democratic candidate for the Ohio House seat in the 20th District, has requested a recount of all 109 precincts in the 20th district. This decision had to be made very quickly, and as such, was made with hope and faith that supporters would continue to provide time and money for the effort.

Please contact the Campbell Campaign ASAP if you are interested in observing the recount in one of the precincts. Please contact the Campaign ASAP if you can help them pay for the recount.

Adopted precincts, at $50, make great X-mas gifts.

Also, Ohio refunds up to $50 ($100 per married couple) back in tax credits for donations to state-level campaigns. If you haven't donated to a state level campaign this year, it's my personal understanding that you can basically adopt a precinct for free. Just something to think about.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Bexley has Approximately 9800 Registered Voters, and...

I'm curious how many of them will apply for the vacant interim position on the Bexley Board of Education.

Bev Campbell in Urgent Need of Recount Help

Things have progressed rapidly over the weekend. The Campbell campaign and their consultants have identified 55 precincts where they believe that they could find additional votes to close the 364 vote margin reported in the official Franklin County Abstract of Votes.

But it costs $50 a precinct to recount the votes. $2750 may not sound like a lot of money in campaign terms, but when you need it in 24 hours it certainly takes an effort. The Campbell campaign would really appreciate it if you (yes, you) would 'adopt' a precinct. The way I understand it, you can adopt a precinct by pledging the $50 now, and paying up later.

Please consider helping them out. Email the campaign at Bev AT bevcampbellforohio dot com, or contact Tom Lyons at one of the phone numbers listed on this page.

More on this at Ohio2006.