Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dates and Places and Stuff

Not much time, but some things that need wider distribution:

Obama at Genoa Park - Columbus - Friday. Gates open at 11am. Genoa Park is the riverfront area right behind COSI on the Franklinton side of the Scioto.

Hoedown with David Robinson - Westerville - Friday 6-10pm. More details available here.

I missed a chance to highlight a Garland/Neuhardt event with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz of Florida in Whitehall on Tuesday. Whenever I try to explain how Big Bear disappeared and was replaced in large part by Giant Eagle, I always feel like I'm telling some faux-Native American parable. I should have been in the audiaence on Tuesday.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Stains on the Notebook

1) This is totally true! My brother-in-law was a police officer before he got fired for something that had absolutely nothing whatsoever with him being my brother-in-law, and he told my sister to warn everyone about this! If you see someone driving with their high-beams on, don't flick your high beams on-and-off at them, because it's Barack Obama, and HE WILL SHOOT YOU! Send this to all of your friends and loved ones!!! -SP

2) David Goodman has turned into a sleazy asshole:

Connor plans to file a complaint with the Ohio Elections Commission. He went Thursday to the Columbus Bar Association's Judicial Campaign Advertising Committee to discredit the ad.

The committee, which aims to prevent mud-slinging in judicial races, heard Connor's complaint yesterday and voted to condemn the ad.

"The statements made in these phone calls conducted on behalf of Goodman's campaign were false and misleading to voters," said Kristy Swope, committee chairwoman.

Both Goodman and Connor signed the bar's good-conduct pledges. Goodman said he did submit his ad for review, as required by that pledge.

He defended its accuracy, saying he pulled the facts from a 2006 Associated Press story.

The panel has no power to punish him, he said. "They just don't like me criticizing a judge. To say I have been misleading is, in fact, false and misleading."

I don't need a judge who lacks ethics and is proud of his ability to act unethically with impunity. I've been ambivalent about this race, but not any longer. I know that Goodman is one of the more popular Republicans among ticket-splitters who read this blog and/or reside in Bexley, but seriously - He's defending the tactics of Bill O'Reilly and denouncing the tactics of the Columbus Bar Association. Vote John Connor for Appeals Court. We'll deal with Goodman in the Senate for another couple of years.

3) As Pat Tiberi has started to flop around like a fish in terms of legislating through the financial crisis, David Robinson is starting to get a little more love from the Dem establishment. Sherrod Brown and a cast of heavy hitters called the Womens Forum Host Committee are sponsoring a fund-raising event for Robinson on October 20, featuring a policy discussion on Critical Issues Facing Women Today. This announcement came just a day after Robinson shared a stage with Chris Redfern and Mary Jo Kilroy getting the crowd fired up for Bruce Springsteen.

4) OhioDems have posted a bunch of photos of the Bexley response to last week's GOP rally at Capital. Does anyone have photos of Luke Perry (OMG Dillon!? as someone I know responded when I mentioned the visit) at Nancy Garland's HQ?