Friday, June 22, 2007

Hearcel Craig/ FB^4 (Friday Blue Bexley Baby Blogging)

As has been noted before, Baby Charlotte has a favorite Columbus City Council member, and it it turns out some meanies are trying to get rid of him on a picayune technicality. Now, I understand hardball and all that, but if anyone makes Charlotte revert from:

Back to:

they'll have to deal with me.

I've got a question for Senator Dodd. You?

Jerid at BSB has scored an interview with a real live candidate for President of the United States. Not one of the current front runners, but certainly not a sideshow, either. I'm guessing that Senator Dodd's staff, which has some of the top blog-related talent in the campaign, sees an opportunity to capitalize on the attention paid to the incident between Jerid and the Obama campaign this week.

The big opportunity, however, is ours. We've got a pretty direct conduit to a powerful Senator, who has the potential and ambition to be more than that. Jerid is soliciting questions from Ohio bloggers and Ohio blog readers that he can pass along during the interview. Specifically Jerid would like to see Dodd address issues that are specifically or especially relevant to Ohio.

If you've got one, leave it in the comments here or at BSB, or email me, or Jerid. I'll start:

Senator Dodd - As Ohio loses industry, we're left holding a lot of contaminated land. The problem is not just with the private sector - three miles from my house there's a decommissioned Air Force manufacturing plant that has been a proposed Superfund site for more than a decade. In southern Ohio, there's talk of creating jobs by importing nuclear waste to join the native waste at an under-utilized DOE uranium enrichment site. Can the federal government pursue an environmental policy that emphasizes decreasing future pollution in the form of global warming without losing sight of the need to clean up the messes that have already been made?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

C'mon, everybody's doing it...

Bill Minckler is running for mayor of Bexley.
Matt Lampke is running for mayor of Bexley.
Eugene Weiss is running for mayor of Bexley.

Before I had a chance to comment on that last one, it turns out that

William Harvey is running for mayor of Bexley.
I found this out by reading about David Madison - For the first time since the height of Disco Fever,

David Madison is not running for mayor of Bexley.

Here are some numbers. In 2006, 4806 people cast ballots at Bexley polling places in the November election. Approximately 1508 cast absentee ballots (estimate methodology upon request). So, we're looking at 6314 Bexley voters, representing a 65% turnout, in an even year/non pres. election. Making one of those big U & Me type of assumptions, I'll assume that turnout dropoff from the lack of top-ticket races will be approximately offset by turnout increases due to competitive mayor/council races.

The upshot? Our next mayor could get into office with fewer than 1600 votes. With a couple more names and a more typical odd-year drop-off, we could easily see a winning total with three digits.

This could certainly get very interesting.

As far as actual comments go, I know next to nothing about Mr. Weiss. Mr. Harvey has served on the Main Street Redevelopment Commission, a body which has overseen some real improvements. In true blogger tradition I'll welcome Mr. Harvey to the campaign by highlighting one of the most grammatically awkward quotes of 2007:

However, the synagogue would not have windows. It would be a large stone structure that some commission members feared would not mesh with the rest of Bexley.

"My initial reaction when I first saw the pictures was 'Wow, no amount of trees are going to soften that,'" commission member William Harvey said.

It's okay, William, sometimes graphic depictions of architecture rob me of the speech faculty myself.

And Finally, for those keeping score at home, William Harvey is a registered Democrat, whereas Eugene Weiss is listed as unaffiliated with the BOE.

Post #250

I wanted to mark this arbitrary milestone with a good post, one which highlights my personal style, wrapping lots of links from disparate sources into a data-supported narrative focusing on Central Ohio politics, with dashes of goofiness and targeted outrage for flavor.

But it's been a week since my last post, one of the most widely commented upon that I've done here, and the self-imposed pressures of the follow-up and the milestone, along with the day-to-day stuff (both fun - new mp3 player, and not so fun - updating my resume) seem to have rendered me mute.

So, instead of a highlight, a just-as-typical exemplar: The don't-stop-coming-to-the-blog-I'm-still-actively-posting post. The yes-I-know-there-are-now-threefour-announced-candidates-for-Bexley-mayor and yes-I-know-there-is-a-republican-running-for-Columbus-mayor but I-will-talk-about-the-former-later and I-can't-decide-if-my-talking-about-the-latter's-clownishness-paradoxically-chips-away-at-the-assumption-of-clownishness post.

More whimper than bang, but it's not the end of the world.