Friday, June 22, 2007

I've got a question for Senator Dodd. You?

Jerid at BSB has scored an interview with a real live candidate for President of the United States. Not one of the current front runners, but certainly not a sideshow, either. I'm guessing that Senator Dodd's staff, which has some of the top blog-related talent in the campaign, sees an opportunity to capitalize on the attention paid to the incident between Jerid and the Obama campaign this week.

The big opportunity, however, is ours. We've got a pretty direct conduit to a powerful Senator, who has the potential and ambition to be more than that. Jerid is soliciting questions from Ohio bloggers and Ohio blog readers that he can pass along during the interview. Specifically Jerid would like to see Dodd address issues that are specifically or especially relevant to Ohio.

If you've got one, leave it in the comments here or at BSB, or email me, or Jerid. I'll start:

Senator Dodd - As Ohio loses industry, we're left holding a lot of contaminated land. The problem is not just with the private sector - three miles from my house there's a decommissioned Air Force manufacturing plant that has been a proposed Superfund site for more than a decade. In southern Ohio, there's talk of creating jobs by importing nuclear waste to join the native waste at an under-utilized DOE uranium enrichment site. Can the federal government pursue an environmental policy that emphasizes decreasing future pollution in the form of global warming without losing sight of the need to clean up the messes that have already been made?

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