Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday News Dump

After an insane week I just plowed through 300 items in my reader. Did you know that Bob Bennett resigned from the Cuyahoga BOE? Anyway, there were actually a number of things that only showed up once, that I would have expected to get more play. So here goes:

1) Columbus is the losingest U.S. Pro Sports Town. Ever. That doesn't count the Crew, but it does count the Panhandles.

2) Sherrod Brown is in a neck-and-neck battle with Amy Klobuchar. Bring that hammer down, Sherrod.

3) Oops. Sometimes you just want to use the troops as a political weapon to bash Democrats and CYA, but some idjit can't figure out cause-and-effect and blows the whole thing.

4) The Newark Advocate covers a visit by PT to OSU-Newark:

"We're going deeper into debt," Tiberi said.

Now, among some mistrust of the party, Tiberi said it's time for Republicans to go back to their roots.

"What we have to do now is think about what we're all about," Tiberi said. "You have to stand for something, and you have to project that."

Senior Austin Schorr said Tiberi was what you'd expect from a politician, as he was nice to students and answered all of their questions but didn't approach anything too controversial.

"He was very personable," Schorr said. "He was what you'd expect."

5) Progress Ohio is passing along info on a League of Women Voters meeting on redistricting. Call me crazy, but I think redistricting is a bigger issue and in more need of reform than touch-screen voting.

Time for me to take a breath.
Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Every Day

One of the best pieces of blogging advice I ever read was that you need to post something new (nearly) every day to maintain interest in your blog. Boy, have I been failing miserably at that lately. I don't have time to answer the questions that have been left hanging in the comments to my last post, and they deserve some discussion before I move on, so I've got nothing of substance to put down at the moment.

I will ask any of my remaining readers if any of y'all have any gossip on Strickland's process for naming a new director of the Ohio Department of Mental Health (or any of the other three as-of-yet unfilled cabinet positions).

And finally, on Oct. 09, 2006, I said that I might have overestimated the Blue Jackets chances coming into the season. You think?