Thursday, June 21, 2007

Post #250

I wanted to mark this arbitrary milestone with a good post, one which highlights my personal style, wrapping lots of links from disparate sources into a data-supported narrative focusing on Central Ohio politics, with dashes of goofiness and targeted outrage for flavor.

But it's been a week since my last post, one of the most widely commented upon that I've done here, and the self-imposed pressures of the follow-up and the milestone, along with the day-to-day stuff (both fun - new mp3 player, and not so fun - updating my resume) seem to have rendered me mute.

So, instead of a highlight, a just-as-typical exemplar: The don't-stop-coming-to-the-blog-I'm-still-actively-posting post. The yes-I-know-there-are-now-threefour-announced-candidates-for-Bexley-mayor and yes-I-know-there-is-a-republican-running-for-Columbus-mayor but I-will-talk-about-the-former-later and I-can't-decide-if-my-talking-about-the-latter's-clownishness-paradoxically-chips-away-at-the-assumption-of-clownishness post.

More whimper than bang, but it's not the end of the world.

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DelCo Dem said...

Congratulations on your arbitrary milestone! However, I seem to have missed the "don't-stop-coming-to-the-blog-I'm-still-actively-posting post." I will have to remedy that.