Monday, December 04, 2006

Bev Campbell in Urgent Need of Recount Help

Things have progressed rapidly over the weekend. The Campbell campaign and their consultants have identified 55 precincts where they believe that they could find additional votes to close the 364 vote margin reported in the official Franklin County Abstract of Votes.

But it costs $50 a precinct to recount the votes. $2750 may not sound like a lot of money in campaign terms, but when you need it in 24 hours it certainly takes an effort. The Campbell campaign would really appreciate it if you (yes, you) would 'adopt' a precinct. The way I understand it, you can adopt a precinct by pledging the $50 now, and paying up later.

Please consider helping them out. Email the campaign at Bev AT bevcampbellforohio dot com, or contact Tom Lyons at one of the phone numbers listed on this page.

More on this at Ohio2006.

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