Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bev Campbell Officially Requests Full Recount of 20th District Race

I've received word that Bev Campbell, Democratic candidate for the Ohio House seat in the 20th District, has requested a recount of all 109 precincts in the 20th district. This decision had to be made very quickly, and as such, was made with hope and faith that supporters would continue to provide time and money for the effort.

Please contact the Campbell Campaign ASAP if you are interested in observing the recount in one of the precincts. Please contact the Campaign ASAP if you can help them pay for the recount.

Adopted precincts, at $50, make great X-mas gifts.

Also, Ohio refunds up to $50 ($100 per married couple) back in tax credits for donations to state-level campaigns. If you haven't donated to a state level campaign this year, it's my personal understanding that you can basically adopt a precinct for free. Just something to think about.

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