Friday, December 01, 2006

Pre-Weekend Updates

  • Tiberi LTE - I referenced a blogger named RUSSKC at An Ohioan's Blog as one source for the text of Tiberi's drivel. That post on AOB also included the text of a letter Russ sent to SNP in response. I'm happy to report that it was published in this week's issue. Nicely done, RUSSKC.

  • The Franklin County BOE eventually released the official abstract. I'd like to use it to highlight places where Bev Campbell could potentially pick up votes in her recount, but I've got a few questions that need answering first.

  • The Columbus Streetcar project got a big boost this week. As I said in a discussion that took place in the comments section, I like the idea of the streetcar, but only as a piece of a broader mass transit/rail plan. I hope MORPC knows what they're doing, because the closest thing to the vision I was looking for is in their 2030 t-plan (which has already needs some serious revising), and because they're rejecting funding for a project that is very similar to the popular 670 cap connecting Downtown to the Short North.

  • Speaking of discussions in comments sections, I once told a reader that the Kreider - Goodman election wasn't a clear liberal-conservative contest, because Goodman had LGBT endorsements, and Kreider had gun-group endorsements, and I guessed that the reader and I would both be happier if those were reversed. Well, I've got my cold comfort. Goodman is on the right side of the bad concealed carry law that Taft is expected to veto (which makes me slightly less irritated that the ABJ still lists his residence as Bexley). H/T to Jill at WLST.

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Walker Evans said...

I also hope the streetcars are just the beginning of a larger mass transit solution in Columbus.