Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Purchased Media Earning Free Media, a GoogleAds blurb

I added GoogleAds to the site as part of the ongoing post-election makeover. I was ambivalent about adding ads to the site, for a number of reasons, one of which is that I have no direct control over what does and doesn't get posted on my site, but I was curious as to how it worked.

What I didn't realize is that, because I write about what's on my mind, and Google places ads based on what I write, Google is actually doing their darnedest to target me, personally, as a consumer. This morning, they actually got it right. An alternative arts network called Available Light Theatre has an ad on the site as of this posting. I clicked on it because it looked interesting, and it was. I had no idea they were in Columbus, so it's a good thing they started advertising. On the other hand, they read and link to national progressive blogs, but few or no local or Ohio blogs. Maybe if they get some traffic they'll start.

If you click on the ad to get to their site, I may or may not make a couple of cents (You need to cross a ten dollar total revenue threshhold before they disburse your earnings, which I may do by March...), that'd be kind of neat, but if the ad is gone, or you are opposed for any other reason, they're worth checking out, and the direct link is here.

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