Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'll comment when I get an answer on absentees

Right now, approximately 323000 votes are being reported by the Franklin County BOE.
As of the primary on MAy 2, there were approximately 741000 registered voters in Franklin County.

So with 4% of precincts left to report, 43% of Franklin County voters have voted, in an election that everyone predicted to hve 51%-55% turnout. So I'm curious (or pick your adjective), are the reported 100,000 absentee votes included in the running totals? If not, all of the local races are up in the air. If so, things are not looking great for Shamansky, Kreider, or Campbell, although Bev has kept it close all night.

Congrats to all the Dems From Strickland to Space who have already been called tonight. I'll post at least once more tonight again tomorrow.

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