Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bexley in the Dispatch

I recently wondered aloud who would apply for the vacancy on the Bexley Board of Education. Even though there are more than 230,000 daily readers of the Dispatch (a fact I looked up in one of those piques where you end up defending something you would never defend if it weren't for the principle of the situation... perhaps other sons-in-law might understand), I sometimes feel like the CD listens to me personally. Not only did they tell me who got the job (something I expected to find only in one of the weeklies), they listed all of the applicants and their major work experience. Thanks.

One of the things I usually don't like about the Dispatch is the commentary by Mike Harden. Normally I wouldn't throw stones from my glass house, but I wanted to highlight my appreciation for today's piece on Woodland Meadows. I've talked about Mr. Newbery, the City, the neighbors, etc. I may have mentioned the creditors. But not like Mr. Harden did. So thanks.

Finally, in what I think is a completely unrelated development, the state has approved a tax-abatement zone (purple) within the city of Bexley (blue border). Depending on what does get done with Woodland Meadows (red), investment in north Bexley might soon be somewhat more attractive.

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