Monday, March 26, 2007

On Tour

Posting is likely to remain light for another week or so, but hopefully not to the extent of a 7 day silence like the one that just occurred. I've been in the midst of literally thousands of miles of in-state travel for work. I've been to Lima, Bellefontaine, Hamilton, Sandusky, Chillicothe, Lancaster, Waverly, Gallipolis, Canton, Youngstown, and Cambridge, and I've got upcoming trips to Dayton and Findlay, and it doesn't actually stop then.

By the time I get caught up with office stuff and plow through my reader, I've got no time left to comment. In this spare moment right now, I'll try a lightning round:

The search for Bexley's new City Councilmember is fully underway, and one of the things I love about on-line versions of newspapers is that they can do things like post all of the applicants' resumes online. I know very little about most of these folks, but in between Google and the posted info, I'd have to say Jed Morison is certainly a strong candidate.

A long, long time ago I fronted a band. "Fronted" seems to give me a bigger status than I truly merited, but words like "sang" and "vocals" grant me more musicianship than I truly merited, so it'll have to do. The real musicians switched off between bass and guitar, and included the person I've most frequently attached the label "best friend" to. We're not in touch as much these days, but I do know that his current band Humphry Clinker is getting positive press in the PD and the Free Times, and has upcoming shows in Cleveland (Agora and HOB) and Parma. You NEO folks should check them out.

My "lightning" reflexes have gotten slow these days, so I have to wrap up. I'm watching the budget, basketball, Jill vs. White Hat, and I expect I'll be tracking the fallout from the latest output from the NICHD's longitudinal child-care study.

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