Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Bexley Council Member

ThisWeek has an article up about Hanz Wasserburger, the newly appointed City Council member who will finish out Helen MacMurray's term. What little I know about Wasserburger comes from the resume and cover letter he sent in when he applied for the job (p12-14).

(By the way, if it seems like I've been linking a lot more to ThisWeek lately, I have been. They have a new Bexley beat reporter named Quinn Bowman who has been doing an excellent job, including helping me out with a heads-up about the Peter Yarrow documents. Putting additional source material online like this is a good way to gain admirers in the blogosphere).

Three things pop out- First, he's been a pretty high-ranking lawyer working for Ohio and Texas working for Republican bosses, but losing his appointment with the most recent changeover. Of course, that doesn't really mean anything, especially since his most recent gig was in the Auditor's office, which is the only one that stayed in GOP hands (Mr. Wasserburger is listed as 'unaffiliated ' in his voter registration).

Second, he's from my 'hood. He votes in precinct 3-B, just like me, meaning that he lives in South Bexley. Our neighborhood is younger (Mr. Wasserburger is a year younger than I am) and the houses are smaller than the stereotypical Bexley house. It's good to make sure all areas get representation, so I'm happy about that.

Third, I'm afraid my wife might vote for him in November due to the existence of one particular line on his resume - he wrote a Lifetime Network Movie. "Her Fatal Flaw" premiered on the Television Network for Women last year, and garnered positive, if sparse, reaction amongst IMDB users.

More, if and when.

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Delco Dem said...

Hope Hanz is better at this job than he was as an assistant attorney general. Yuck.