Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Oh really? Dispatch reporting now vs. CD Editorial Board then...

First of all, a hat tip to Gray Hunter at Licopac, who referenced an article my standing search missed: "As Pryce becomes centrist, Tiberi moves right."

You see, things have changed in D.C. ... Back in October, Deborah Pryce was endorsed by the Dispatch, in part, because she was one of a group of three incumbents who "consider meeting constituents and answering their letters or e-mail as the most satisfying aspect of their public service."
-CD 10/11/06

Now, in June, we learn that Deborah Pryce believes "the voters delivered a 'loud, clear message that I needed to devote more time to my constituents.'" Jack Torry says that "Free from the demands of being in leadership, she regularly returns to Columbus."
-CD 06/03/07

So, get this, Deborah Pryce is paying lots of attention to her constituents now, because she realizes that voters were upset that she wasn't really doing so at the time that the Dispatch Eds. endorsed her because she was. It's almost as if the Dispatch has realized their fantasy through sheer power of wishfulness. Clap if you believe in constituent services.

It would be a neat power if it actually worked. The problem is, in that same October endorsement, they supported the re-election of Pat Tiberi in large part because:

Congress' inability to deal effectively with tough issues has frustrated Tiberi, who blames the bitter partisan divide in Washington for much of the problem. Tiberi says he has reached across the aisle to work with Democrats, adding that Congress can make progress on the most-pressing issues only if the two parties work together.
-CD 10/11/06

Unfortunately, the inability for the CD to wish a continued Republican majority into existence has led to this miserable failure of their wish-fulfillment strategy of endorsements:

Tiberi has jettisoned his once-cautious image and transformed himself into a more robust partisan who relishes verbal jousting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic allies.
-CD 06/03/07

Thanks for the update, guys. And don't worry, nobody could have known at the time that Pryce was too focused on her leadership role or that Tiberi was only a moderate when things were going his way. Easy mistakes.

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