Friday, July 20, 2007

Tiberi Colluding with Todd? Oh Please Oh Please Oh Please

Buckeye State Blog has got a couple of posts up about the press conference Bill Todd held this week about Homeland Security Grants. I've been pretty quiet about the Columbus Mayor's race. As I've said recently, Bill Todd is a joke, and the extra attention just legitimizes his candidacy. For example, in the statement under discussion, Todd opens with this about Mayor Coleman:

The news today that Columbus’s 2007 share of federal Homeland Security funding puts us at 42nd of the 45 cities receiving such funds just the latest evidence demonstrating how little Mayor Mike Coleman is failing the people in his most important responsibility – protecting them.

I actually think there is much better evidence demonstrating how little the Mayor is failing, but any evidence showing how much he is succeeding is welcome, I guess.

When your campaign's official release text has a double negative error that makes it state the opposite of what you mean, you're a joke.

Of course, we can take a look at the charge that has got Coleman's supporters upset with the Todd Campaign:

“Three years ago, he told CNN, ‘We will do whatever is necessary to keep our city safe from terrorism and crime.’


“Since then, Columbus became one of a very few American cities to actually have several of its own residents arrested and charged by the federal government with forging terror plots to kill people in Columbus and elsewhere.

I can only assume that Mr. Todd would prefer that Columbus be among the larger number of American cities where potential terrorists remain completely at-large. Will he come right out and promise to prevent the arrest of people plotting to commit terrorist acts?

When you single out your opponent's position as one of the only mayors nationwide to preside over a city where terrrorism suspects have been successfully apprehended and attempt to use it as evidence of a supposed lack of commitment to safety, you are a joke.

So... why am I reversing myself and writing about Bill Todd? Because rumors abound that he's getting an assist from the office of Pat Tiberi, in what some believe is a violation of electioneering laws. If Tiberi can seriously be labelled as Bill Todd's buddy in '08, that's at least a few thousand votes out of the Tiberi column in '08. So please, Mr. Todd, if you've got that kind of pull, get some photos and video of Tiberi's heartfelt endorsement. It's not going to be enough to get you elected, but it might do someone else some real good.

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