Monday, August 13, 2007

Class Meta-Warfare

I recently posted a quick hit rebutting a small piece of a blog post by Maggie Thurber, in which she chastised Toledo for demonizing the wealthy. At the time, I was hoping that making the small point would be enough for me to let the rest of the piece go, but not enough to provoke a real response. Why? Because the piece almost begged for a response, but rebutting a random Toledo blogger's post on "Class Envy" really shouldn't be high on my priority list.

Of course, she did respond. And then I fired off a long comment. And she responded to that one, too. Politely. More politely than I did, certainly, and she has my gratitude and respect for that. I think we still have some fundamental disagreements, but she claims that I really do need to understand Toledo to understand where she's coming from. Perhaps.

You can find a link to the original post on Ms. Thurber's blog, my initial response, and our subsequent exchange *here*.

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