Friday, August 10, 2007

Columbus Mayor, Columbus Dispatch, Tone of Voice

The Dispatch has a new political podcast. Well, they have a new downloadable audio thing. If you have no choice but to "check back often," there's no casting involved. Anyway, I haven't listened in yet, but I just read something that I would pay money to hear the reporter speak out loud:

It's the first time Coleman has won police-union backing since his first run for mayor in 1999. He ran against only a write-in candidate for his second term in 2003, but the FOP declined to make an endorsement.

I keep saying that I'm not that interested in writing about the Columbus mayoral race, but I keep doing it anyway (besides, the Coleman campaign is usually very effective and lightning-fast in calling attention to stuff like this, but I haven't seen anything from them yet). I also, however, recently wrote that the Todd campaign is a joke. I can't read the above sentence without snickering, so perhaps one or two folks at the CD agree. I'd love to hear the CD crew give a straight-faced recitation a shot.

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