Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jetsam (not Flotsam)

No Politics and little Bexley --

1) Blue Jackets officially pick up Michael Peca. I had Peca for a while on my fantasy roster a few years back, and I liked him because he picked up stats across the board, especially Face-Offs won... When I went to confirm this on today, I found out that he also was in the top 10 in Face-Offs Lost that same year. An important reminder not to focus too closely on the parts of data that confirm your prior conceptions. (By the way, Manny Malhotra is statistically among the better FO guys in the league. I had somehow never picked up on that).

2) When I was up in Grand Marais, there was a little local brew-pub. Big points for the attempt, but the beer was a little disappointing. I discussed this with an inebriated dentist from Grand Rapids, MI, and we agreed that the place needed an India Pale Ale, not just because we both agreed as to the general superiority of IPAs, but because you couldn't taste much, let alone the hops, in any of the other beers at all...

Last night, I asked my wife to pick up a six-pack on the way home, as I was planning on making chili (my recipe calls for 12oz. of of beer). Instead of "cooking" beer, she stopped at McLaren's (Bexley's fine beer & wine store) and picked up Red Hook's Longhammer IPA. Not as bitter or bitingly hoppy as many of my favorite IPAs, but really really really good. Worked well in the chili, too, but I wince a bit thinking about it...

3) The Columbus Dispatch seems to be engaging in information warfare. Not in content, but in quantity. Their RSS feeds have gone wild today, spitting multiple copies of the same story out, regurgitating hockey stories from before the regular season ended, and sending out auto racing results under the heading of "editorial." When you are flooded with 600 stories to scan through, you're likely to miss something. I wonder what they slipped by me this afternoon.

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