Friday, October 12, 2007

Mayor's Forum, The Quick and Dirty

Good turnout. Matt Lampke won the initial impressions by having 5-10 people with his T-Shirt on in a room of 150-200 people. That stands out when t-shirts are scarce. Then the room grew to 200-250, SRO.

I've burned up all my energy trying to get a couple of video clips together. That's pretty much failed, but you should be able to take a look at some of the works in progress by searching YouTube for bluebexley(if you put 'em on your ipod you can even rotate them to the proper orientation all on your own).

In the meantime, pending a real report here which may or may not ever come, my conventional wisdom meter highly distorted personal sense of the race says that Lampke and/or Jones could have made themselves the favorite, but neither gave a knockout performance. Scott Weinblatt has to be commended for trying to make a real run at age 18, but he's trying a bit too hard to sound credible. Harvey and Brennan are both pretty traditional candidates for this type of race, and there were no surprises either way, there. Gene Weiss? Something about Mr. Weiss rubbed me a bit wrong. I can't put my finger on it, really, I'll have to catch the video on cable.

So the winners: Bill Minckler did well for himself, perhaps gaining back some of the early momentum, but clearly the best performance relative to expectations was Travis Irvine's. He's intelligent, knows the issues, and has near-perfect comic timing. That's still probably not going to be enough to win him this election, but the guy's got a future, and who knows?

So, FYI, everybody thinks we need fewer consultants, more alcohol at Jeffrey Mansion, and no new taxes. If those are your issues, you can't go wrong.


Anonymous said...


He has manipulated the FOP endorsement, BUT the BEXLEY POLICE DO NOT ENDORSE HIM.

He is the Chair of the Finance Committee for the City of Bexley and as of the end of June 2007, the 2007 budget had NOT BEEN FINALIZED AND APPROVED.

When he ran for city council he said he would lower taxes for the senior citizens.....NEVER HAPPENED.

He states he is active in civic groups and he shows up walks around and does nothing then leaves. HE ATTENDS WHEN HE IS RUNNING FOR OFFICE...AS DOES HIS WIFE.

According to Bexley City Council Matt was too "VALUEABLE" in the finance committee (even though the 2007 was not finalized until over half of 2007 was OVER)so Bexley City Council did not appoint Matt President of Council when the position was open due to Helen leaving Bexley.

Matt has been on city council 6 years and WHAT HAS HE DONE ???

So he has not accomplished anything on city council, BUT HE WILL HAVE ACCOMPLISHMENTS WHEN HE IS MAYOR ???




Verdad said...

I'm confused....

Are we supposed to ignore the stuff that isn't in ANNOYING ALL CAPS about Lampke?

Again, the last comment doesn't pass the sniff test. I'd bet $100 of someone else's money that it's an inner sanctum type from one of the other mayoral campaigns.

Sad, if true.

bonobo said...

True, In general, it's best to not feed the trolls. But, FWIW, I could just as easily believe that the anonymouse does truly believe that Matt Lampke is the embodiment of all evil. But being a sincere crank isn't really a step up from being an opposition plant. For 9-10 months out of the year, this blog tends to attract a pretty with-it readership. I wouldn't worry too much about this kind of campaign down here in the comments, but you're certainly welcome to call BS where you see it.

Anonymous said...

Instead of commenting on ALL CAPS....get your heads out of the sand.

Verdad you must SUPPORT Lampke...because if you didn't you would not be so EMOTIONAL about posting FACTUAL INFORMATION.

According to Matt Lampke, Bill Harvey will FIRE most of the city employees. AGAIN NOT TRUE.

Additionally you do not hear comments like I posted about any of the other candidates. Wonder why.

This is an election not a quilting bee........Keep your emotions to yourself. This is FACT.

Verdad do you have FACTS to back up your thoughts?

To quote you Verdad........."SAD"

Anonymous said...

I agree with Verdad, the comments seem planted and deliberate. It's the same tone and bad spelling as the other negative posts about Matt. If you want to know whether something is true or not, ask that particular candidate. Do your own homework.

bexyoungpro said...

All this filth... Irvine for Mayor!

Anonymous said...

Freedom of Speech is only a threat to Republicans.

Verdad said...

At least we know it's a Harvey SUPPORTER that's ON the ATTACK.

Bill seems like too good a guy to employ cowardly smear tactics, so my guess is that it's nobody too close to him. I hope I'm right.