Friday, April 18, 2008

How bloggers are better

Having some experience with cognitive neuroscience, politics, and writing, one might expect that I would really like this piece by Jonah Lehrer.

It's okay, but now read this by 'Russ'.

I realize that traditional judges of writing may disagree* , but the latter piece is the far superior piece of writing, let alone actual analysis.

Any moron could see that.**

* Check out the highest rated sample essay and commentary on pages 9-10 - Jonah Lehrer might love it, but I am inspired to describe it as the foetid effluvia emanating from the maw of a narcissistic poseur...

** This of course represents how bloggers are worse.

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Ben said...

Well, as a college English teacher, I'm not sure if I qualify as a "traditional judge of writing," but the second piece was a whole lot more thought provoking. It's the difference between someone using rote logic to get a grade (or meet a deadline) versus someone who actually enjoys thinking about an issue.

Cass Sustein has an essay called "The Daily Me versus the Daily Me" that goes over this debate as well, and students both get it and at the same time don't seem that interested in his points about it. An excerpt of his book can be found here.