Friday, May 30, 2008

Quick Thought on Nancy Hardin Jones

Just got back from Seattle. No free wi-fi in the hotel room, no free wi-fi in the convention center, no free wi-fi in the Starbucks on every block. My laptop was transformed into a device that merely made my backpack heavy as I walked up the hill from the waterfront.

I hope to do some real catching up this weekend, but for now I'm going to throw two cents into a story that's gotten Benjamins of attention:

Nancy Hardin Rogers, dean of the Moritz College of Law, has been named interim Attorney General of Ohio through the special election held in November... My guess is that she will hold the position until the results of that election are certified in late November or early December. Which brings me to my point... Moritz is one of the top repositories of Election Law experts in the country. Not a bad entity to have linked in during a presidential election in a swing state, eh?

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