Thursday, May 01, 2008

This wrinkle in time, can't give it no credit

1) My internal party game: Mashups mocking the dissociative nature of stereotypes. "Gouda, Edam, America." "Malt Latte." etc.

2) Strickland has an unofficial 6-point-plan to improve the educational system in Ohio. At this point it is more of a 6-vague-principle-plan to improve education, but that's okay. What is not so great... none of the six points address how to equitably (and constitutionally) fund education, or to move beyond funding to reduce inequities in our schools systems. Stories like this one should be a source of shame for all of us.

3) Note to the Ohio Media - Two women have filed Sexual Harrassment claims against the Attorney General's office. Although I know their names, I do not recall their ages. That's okay, it's not relevant. On the other hand, Jessica Utovich is/was 28 years old. I know this because it seems as if it is mentioned in every story in which her name appears. I'd like an explanation of why her age is relevant. Bonus points if you use the phrase "Tabloid Hacks" in your explanation.

4) Pat Tiberi is a co-sponsor of House Concurrent Resolution 322, which congratulates Israel on 60 years of statehood. I know this because he sent out a press-release touting his co-sponsorship. I have no problem with this. It's a good thing. Which made me wonder, how big of a statement was this? Checking up, I found some context that was missing from the PR... The press release didn't mention that the resolution was introduced by Nancy Pelosi. It didn't mention that the resolution has 278 other co-sponsors besides Tiberi, nor that Pat waited until the week after 122 others had already signed on before putting his name on the bill. In his defense, nobody else mentioned this in any press release. Of course, none of the other 279 lawmakers actually appears to have issued a press release about cosponsoring the bill. Also in his defense, he signed on more than a week before Dennis Kucinich signed on as co-sponsor. To paraphrase the Daily Briefing... when you're not doing much of anything, you'll take whatever excuse you can to get your name out.

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