Wednesday, July 23, 2008

David Robinson hits ActBlue's "Hot Candidate" List

The Robinson campaign has been making a push to get on the ActBlue hot candidate list. It appears to have been successful, as Robinson is the 4th hottest candidate on ActBlue as of this writing. You can help. Throw five bucks at the candidate today via an ActBlue fundraising site (If I'm not mistaken, was the second ActBlue page in the country to feature Mr. Robinson. It'd be nice if you'd be so kind as to donate there. If you prefer, you can go to the Bexley for Robinson page, as recommended by former mayoral candidate Travis Irvine, who has officially endorsed Robinson...

For those who follow such things, Pat Tiberi (or PAC Tiberi, as some folks have called him in the past) is raising much more $$$ than Robinson. Robinson is getting donations at about the same rate as Bob Shamansky did in 2006. If Bob would loan this campaign $250k like he loaned $250k to his own campaign in the second quarter of '06, cash on hand would be similar too :) . Since that's not likely to happen, it's up to folks like us to pick up some slack.

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