Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Emergency Caffeine Management

For those of us who start off our commute on Main St. in downtown Bexley, we've been treated to a pretty nifty sight these past couple of mornings. With Cup'O'Joe and Starbuck both victims of the power outage, there was no way to make or obtain hot coffee for (literally) miles on Monday. On Tuesday, however, a stand had been set up in front of City Hall with a big sign advertising "Free Coffee!"

On Tuesday, Mayor Brennan was front and center among the Barrista Irregulars, this morning it was Police Chief Rinehart.

I couldn't stop either day, but I really appreciate the gesture. Thanks you guys, and your companions at the coffee stand, and really, thanks to everyone who is working their butts off to get this community back up and running.

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