Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hey Mr. Tiberi,

Any guesses on who might be somewhat insulted when you say:

For my daughter and her class, for the teacher to be held responsible for not only the way she learns, but that child next to her who might be from another country, maybe from Somalia where she may be coming from a country where she wasn't educated, or her parents aren't educated, they may be illiterate, and to hold the same standard for my daughter growing up in American household and an illiterate coming from another a little bit problematic.

I'll give you a hint, Pat. It's the Somali community.

Update: If you'd like to see more of the wit and wisdom of Pat Tiberi, there's a debate-watching party tomorrow night (Thursday) at 8pm at the Short North Tavern (674 N. High). Supporters of David Robinson will be there to watch David wield his sling.

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Joe Peffer - Full Time Professional Realtor said...

yeah, and me too. I'm offended. In fact, many things Pat Tiberi says offend me.