Thursday, September 14, 2006

What a difference a month makes

When I started this blog, lo those many weeks ago, I had the short term goal of upping the buzz on two candidates. One had yard signs up in front of many houses in Bexley, favorable mentions appearing in the Dispatch, and a real budget. The other was a somewhat low-profile candidate who had 'impressed' one local blogger and spent several hours with another, and had an appealing website with a coherent socially-conscious yet moderate message.

The first candidate, Bob Shamansky, seems to be on the same trajectory as when I started. The second, Emily Kreider, is taking off. When I started this blog, nobody seemed to be writing anything about the state legislature, let alone a first-time Dem challenger in a district that has repeatedly sent Republicans to Columbus. That has changed. Reports are coming in that she is up in the polls on her Republican incumbent candidate, with many undecided. Wouldn't it be great if this blog was responsible? Yeah, right. She appears to have been busting her butt on the ground game and running a smart campaign. People have seen her TV and newspaper ads and are curious about her. I can't help but think that as the name recognition goes up, she'll have every factor but incumbency working in her favor. But then again, I often can't help to think wishfully...

Anyway, the short-term goals have changed a little bit. The race in OH-12 needs more attention. It's not a problem of people hearing about Shamansky, it's that the D.C. pundits have identified 50 races that they think are more exciting than this one, including two other central Ohio races. There needs to be some engagement with this race, not just the candidates.

And for Mrs. Kreider, it's almost the opposite. Ideally, her victory will seem so inevitable that her opponent will be shopping his resume before Halloween.

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