Monday, October 09, 2006

If that's the way Republicans want it...

So, the Ohio Republican Party fully believes that the footage from the Ohio Channel is public domain for political speech. I was dubious, but I think they've convinced me. The problem for them is that there is a lot more in the archives that looks bad for Republicans than there is for Democrats. For instance, the Tom Noe lovefest found by ProgressOhio.

What's worse is that their ads rely on snippets being taken out of context, but the videos that make them look bad are even worse in long form than in sound bytes.

For example, speaking of Tom Noe, and Jack Abramoff, and Bob Ney, and Bob Taft, the revelations, admissions, and convictions of these folks must have come as a big surprise, if we take him at his word, to David Goodman:

I am incorruptible.


I raised ridiculous amounts of money.


I ask you to not vote for this amendment (preventing the contribution limit from being quadrupled to $10k), because it takes away our abilities and puts the power in the – because the money is out there. Millions of dollars are out there to influence elections, and it’s going to come out in some way, shape, or form. The reason why all of these shenanigans took place is because we were limited in our ability to, to speak and our ability to raise money in the way- and be answerable to the general public.
I just say, ‘take those limits off.’ Ten thousand dollars is a good start, I believe there shouldn’t be any limits. At all.


I don’t think anyone here is really influenced by it. I think it helps us get elected. I think we’re thankful for it, but I think at the end of the day, each and every one of us votes our constituency.

Apparently, the only thing wrong with politics today is that there is not enough money being fueled into campaigns. David Goodman thinks that there are not enough political ads to get the message out. And David Goodman thinks that the PACs and big-money donors don't have any more influence on his political decisions than I do.

Even though I think the whole speech is absolutely unbelievable, I'd love to see people make 30 second ads out of this. Not just the Kreider campaign, but all Democrats. This is what is wrong with our state. If you can't pay, you don't play. And if everyone wants to play, well, just make 'em pay more.

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