Thursday, October 12, 2006

Independent Ads

Okay. Fine. I've built back up a level of, well not righteous indignation perhaps, but righteous irritation and annoyance. David Goodman was sort of an auxillary target in my campaign to get the Republicans to stop using copyrighted footage from the Ohio Channel. I wanted to use some footage, and he happened to make an attractive subject, as he was easy to skewer and I make no secret of supporting his opponent, Emily Kreider.

One of Goodman's contentions that I didn't include in the condensed version of the speech was that individual contributors directly funding campaigns was preferable to the onslaught of independent 527 money we saw funding ads in Ohio during the 2004 campaign. He admits that this didn't happen in the State Senate races, but the principle...

Well, now it is happening in the State Senate races. Specifically, in his State Senate race. Yesterday I got a mailer from All Children Matter - Ohio PAC. The "paid for" statement was the only place the word "children" appeared. The flyer talked about how great David Goodman's position is that there's no problem that can't be solved with a tax cut.

What is All Children Matter? Aparently it's a Michigan-based organization that supports school vouchers and pours millions of Wal-Mart's and Amway's money into campaigns around the country, without actually mentioning who they are, what they support, or where their money comes from.

Not only does he argue for rules that he says would help keep campaigns clean, but seem to encourage corruption, he also now benefits from tactics that he says are the scourge of contemporary campaigns.

So I figure I owe him an independent ad. I don't have millions, and I don't have video footage. Someone with talent should really make a better ad. Here's the new prototype. It's got way too many words. One more reason I Don't Make the (Real) Ads. Bleah.

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