Thursday, January 25, 2007

Counts and Recounts

All sorts of counts and recounts going through my head today. We have felony convictions of election workers in Cuyahoga. Note to the tin-foil hat brigade: they were basically convicted of felony laziness, not conspiracy to rig the election. Not that in an election only slightly closer than what we saw in 2004, the laziness, incompetence, carelessness, and contempt that characterized the count and recount would have had the same effect, but these were not 'plumbers.'

Anyway, somebody who knows a whole lot more about the mechanics of recounts forwarded me an invitation to a town hall meeting sponsored by the League of Women Voters and Ohio Citizen Action at the JCC on Feb. 7, featuring (among others), Cliff Arnebeck, the lead attorney on the election-irregularity lawsuit in 2004. So of course, the meeting is about fair and accurate elections, right? No. It's about "Political Accountability, Redistricting, and Judicial Reform." I actually think that sounds a lot more interesting at this point.

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