Friday, January 26, 2007

To all the Roots Campers

Have a blast. At first I freaked out when it said you had to be prepared to contribute something useful. Most anything useful I know about politics I gleaned secondhand from the other folks attending. Then, when I decided that I could probably just fake it, I was informed that my brother/sister in-law were coming this weekend. Even then, I still probably could have stood firm and attended during the day, but my will melted under the glare of fourth row center ice CBJ tickets. So, if everyone wants to drop by the house sometime during the afternoon, being in Columbus and all, drop me a line. Otherwise, try not to leave knowing winks throughout the sphere where I can see them. Thanks.

Oh, and if you haven't listened to anyone else and gone to Pho's blog to understand the Education Amendment, you probably won't listen to me, either. But you can't come here to avoid the push.

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Jill said...

Sorry you couldn't make it but I'm sure you had a good day too!