Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cliches of Getting Older

It was bad enough when the Jesus and Mary Chain were used to sell Chevrolets, Tones on Tail used to sell Dockers, and Iggy Pop ended up on cruises and Cadillacs. The Buzzcocks are, well, first the Buzzcocks, the pioneers of pop-single punk, had a twenty year old song show up in Shrek 2, and now another one of their songs is being used in a TV commercial.



Jill said...

Bnb-you are killing me, here. Luckily, I don't watch television. Hope it's not a radio ad too.

bonobo said...

I try to keep in mind an essay that was printed several years ago in Time or Newsweek. The premise: alternative music attracted geeks and nerds. At the time, this prevented the music from becoming popular. A decade later, these geeks and nerds had all of the disposable income, and nobody should be surprised that marketers use 80's alternative. So when Devo's 'Freedom of Choice' is used to sell light beer, I get doubly annoyed because the technique works - it gets my attention.