Friday, January 19, 2007

More David Goodman

So I pretty much said I was going to call my state senator and ask him about school funding and higher ed issues. This is of course somewhat awkward because I spent a couple of months saying some pretty unfriendly things about him here during the campaign.

Of course, right at the point where I convince myself that a campaign is a campaign and everyone knows that it's over, Brian at Progress Ohio has to bring up a whole new side of Mr. Goodman that I wasn't fully aware of. There has been a complaint about Mr. Goodman's fund-raising practices in front of the Ohio Elections Commission. It has been withdrawn. Whether or not for the reasons that Mr. Rothenberg speculates, I have no idea. So, I can't and won't tell you that anything illegal took place. I will say that when you read the memo that sparked the complaint, it makes you realize whose interests are being supported by Republican officeholders in Ohio. This is what is meant by pay-to-play.

And second, if a person has been accused of using the Ohio Republican Party's accounts as a way to launder campaign contributions, that $1,000,000 dollars that got pumped into the last two months of a State Senate campaign from the Ohio Republican Party starts to smell funny.

Especially when one has stated that they're philosophically opposed to placing limits on campaign contributions from individuals.

Of course, nobody's ever been convicted of smelling funny, nor should they be. But it certainly makes for interesting reading.

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