Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ouch. No Wonder the Crafters Didn't Leak the Ed Amendment Sooner

Sometime this morning a proposed constitutional amendment is being introduced to the Ohio public. Some people got a sneak peek, and according to the Dispatch, if it weren't for negative opinions, they'd have nothing to publish. Mayor Coleman, who apparently had some input, is backing off of the finished product. Strickland is "not a supporter." If high profile Dems are cautiously negative, Republicans and business interests are downright vicious. Somewhat disingenuously, I think, they are warning that programs for the poor and elderly will be slashed so that kids in wealthy districts can get more money.

Everybody's asking where the money will come from, though, and the amendment apparently offers no concrete answers.

So, if the groups that put this together had any inkling of the reception this would get, I can understand why bloggers couldn't get an advance copy last week. But let me say this: If you are in the legislature, you have no business whatsoever criticizing this measure. You've had years to come up with a proposal. We've heard nothing.

As I said when I put my report up last night, I don't think that fixing our funding scheme will have a direct, immediate impact on improving education in Ohio. I still think, however, that without fairer funding, global fixes are impossible. I applaud this group for forcing the issue.

I'm looking forward to the coming discussion.

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