Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ed Amendment, then Tiberi on ONN this morning

Jim Betts and Bill Phillis discuss GIRFOF on Capitol Square (10am and 8pm), Pa(rro)t Tiberi on On the Hill (10:30am and 8:30pm). Note, if you watch Pat at 10:30 on ONN, you'll potentially miss "Johnny Smoke" Boehner on Meet the Press.

Update: I spent the day out and about with Charlotte, and I planned to catch On the Hill at 8:30 pm. It turns out that the Dispatch listed the wrong times, so I missed it (along with Capitol Square, which I thought I was going to get as a bonus). Obviously, I don't have a DVR, so I won't be able to catch the final broadcast tomorrow afternoon. There'll be an audio podcast at some point, which in some ways is preferable anyway, but I'm still pretty annoyed. You know what would be cool? If the Dispatch would buy ONN, and have one of their reporters host the show. Then they might know what times the program actually aired.

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