Friday, February 23, 2007

Rebirth of the Act Blue Link

A blurb from CQ today caught my eye. It turns out that Act Blue, the online donation aggregator, has "Draft Candidate" Accounts. You can donate money to someone who is not running, in an effort to encourage them to run:

Money collected in the draft funds will be held until the prospective candidate forms a presidential campaign committee, at which point the funds will be transferred to the campaign. Should the candidate not enter the race by the time of the Democratic National Convention, funds will be sent to the DNC. ActBlue staffers indicated that they would honor all "serious requests" to set up draft funds for prospective candidates.

They also have an account for "the Presumptive Democratic Nominee," where funds will sit until a candidate has enough delegates to insure the nomination.

So what the heck. I've taken down all the candidates from last cycle, and added three accounts for your donating pleasure:

  1. Draft Gore. He's not the perfect candidate, but he'd have my support if he gets in.
  2. Bill Richardson. I'm still pretty neutral in regards to the announced candidates, but among the second tier candidates, the one I'd most like to see still on stage a year from now is Richardson. The 1st tier doesn't need my help raising funds during primary season.
  3. Presumptive Nominee. 1st tier, 2nd tier, whatever. Our candidate will need some cash for the general.

Your donation portal is the "ActBlue" link in the upper right hand corner, but you can use this shortcut if you like.

P.S. to any and all who followed the BlogPac/BSB discussion, I've decided to offer folk a way to "return the money"

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