Thursday, February 22, 2007

The State of Columbus in 25 Bullet Points

Snipping the meaty bits out of the full text of Mayor Coleman's speech tonight:

- we will create the 2012 Commission
- I am proposing that our 2012 plan be backed up by a vote of the people, ... in the form of a Bicentennial Bond Package
- authorize a multi-million dollar pool of money, solely dedicated to clean up blighted properties
- we should fund a new generation of family recreation centers
- with 58 miles of biking and walking trails today - we must expand up to 110 miles by 2012
- $50 million dollars in a new initiative of public investment called OPERATION SAFE-WALKS
- build sidewalks, and where necessary add curbs, gutters and in some cases even new roadways
- renovation on the Lincoln Theater will begin this summer
- We are devoting $25 million over the next five years to tackle 1,000 homes and properties, to abate, renovate or demolish
- we must never cease to fight against the perpetrators of poverty, the demons of decay and the captains of crime
- We will begin demolishing Woodland Meadows by this spring
- we will begin to license scrap metal yards, requiring every sellers personal identification and information on every sale
- we have organized the African American Male Empowerment Commission
- the City will step up again to crack down on truancy
- We will continue to hire more Police and Firefighters
- We must use the opening of Skybus as a catalyst for even more development around Port Columbus
- with the Mayors of Gahanna and Whitehall, we are joining forces to create The Port Columbus Growth Partnership
- We must continue to work across the city to bring back jobs and opportunities to neighborhoods
- we've got to keep Getting Green.
- we plan to host a statewide Young Professionals Summit in 2007
- by 2012, we will finish the Scioto Mile
- we must build on the momentum of housing creation downtown
- Our city must encourage the construction of a new full-service, 500 to 750 room, convention hotel downtown
- we need to deal with the biggest challenge on the block - City Center
- we have created a new team, the Columbus Franklin County Community Action Agency, to deal with issues of poverty in Columbus

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