Friday, May 18, 2007

Dispatch Joins Other Ohio Papers with New Political Blog

I never saw an announcement, or heard any buzz, nothing. All of a sudden Paul at BSB referenced the new Dispatch feature "The Daily Briefing," a blog put out by the Public Affairs staff at the CD, and then removed the description from the link. The blog has apparently been live since Tuesday, starting with Papa Joe Hallett, but dominated by D.C. Bureau Chief and Screen Star of 'On The Hill', Jonathan Riskind.

The PD staff has been doing Openers, and the Enquirer staff has been doing Politics Extra, so the idea is not earth-shatteringly original, but it still comes as a welcome surprise. The Dispatch is in the midst of one of those periodic overhauls that seeks to re-adapt The Newspaper to contemporary needs and desires. So far, I'm actually buying it.

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Paul Ackerman said...

Can't take credit for the find ... Bryan posted something on BSB the other day from there.

Looks like they just started it.