Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Let's Twist Again

Joe Hallett, who currently holds the title of Senior Editor over at the Dispatch, tossed off a couple of lines dismissing blogs, and us bloggers took the bait and responded. It's been pointed out that his comments were misleading, not well-balanced, uninformed, and unintentionally ironic.

Now, it's true that the only reason I know who Joe Hallett happens to be is that I blog about politics and I link to some of his stories. I don't think I'm exactly an ideologue, but I'll wear that mantle sometimes. I don't think I'm an echo chamber, but at times like this I guess I am commenting and meta-commenting on the same story as my peer blogs. So I guess there are some suggestions I can take to improve upon my role in the political landscape of Ohio. There's at least one suggestion, however, that he didn't make, and I think it's at least as important:

The worst thing I could do to this blog is to start worrying about what Joe Hallett might think about it.


Cajun said...

Joe Hallett is not worth worrying about. You made the right call on this one.

Jill said...


bonobo said...

What can I say? I do care what y'all think. I look at it in much the same way as I do religion - if I'm true to my values, that'll eventually be good enough for the arbiters of worthiness.

Or it won't.