Thursday, May 31, 2007

Minckler for Mayor

I found out last week that there was a new candidate for Mayor of Bexley, but I wasn't told who... My guesses weren't close. The new candidate is Bill Minckler, Director of Technology. Among other newsworthy accomplishments, Mr. Minckler revived the Bexley Technology Commission this year (which, BTW, I originally volunteered for, then withdrew).

They've been getting along fine without me.

For those of you keeping score at home, our current Mayor is David Madison. Mr. Madison has said he might retire, but he hasn't made a firm public statement one way or the other. Our lone announced candidate until this new announcement was Matt Lampke. Mr. Lampke serves on the Bexley City Council, and is a registered Republican. The extent to which that matters or not was discussed here (and here, and here) a few weeks back.

Bill Minckler, for what it's worth, is a registered Democrat according to the Franklin County BOE. He's a longtime resident, as he says on his campaign website:

For 20 years, Bill has lived in Bexley. He currently resides on Bryden Road with his life-partner of 20 years Joe Martin.

They can often been seen together walking their three dogs around the block. For the past 10 years, they've rescued and raised dogs in need of better homes.

The early campaign message focuses on fiscal responsibility and budgetary discipline. I hope to have more as the campaign moves forward.

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Anonymous said...

Go Minckler for Mayor, Minckler was a major leader in the Kerry Campaign 2004. He even used his retail store for Kerry gatherings. This Guy IS RIGHT FOR BEXLEY.