Thursday, May 24, 2007

Light Posting

I've said it before. There's an annoying negative correlation between the number of bloggable items and the time I have available to blog. My apologies for the light posting and especially for the lack of links in the following:

1) I am not opposed to gambling, per se. I am opposed to stomping on the spirit of gambling laws in an effort to let the most creative proponents of gambling make tons of cash. So, when Gongwer and ONN report on the new deal to have the AG's office determine if a device requires at least 51% skill to result in a payoff, I don't like it. Anybody who bets on sporting events, for instance, will tell you that a skilled bettor can do better than break even in the long run, but on any given Sunday... Of course, you can take all of the skill out of betting on horse racing by randomizing the information available such that a person is betting based not only on an unknown future but an unknown past. If you can cut into small digitized video clips and still call it betting on horse-racing at that point, you might be able to have the State Senate help you do an end around on Ohio Gambling restrictions. I'm starting to think that we should allow slot machines in any place of business, but require that patrons be no closer than six feet from any of them at any time.

2) I'm already out of time, but I will throw this out there: Regarding recent activity in the U.S. House, is it politically better for Dems to forge a compromise on war-funding and troop withdrawal that gets half of what they want, but also gives them shared responsibility for a failed war strategy, or to throw up their hands, say they tried, and give W all the rope he asked for?

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