Monday, May 21, 2007

Old News

Monday. Can't trust that day. The good news is that Jeff C. a/k/a Yellow Dog Sammy is back and blogging. Just so he knows, the 'sphere will now expect 9 posts (plus updates) every day.

The amusing news is that at least one of the CD's political journalists seems to be a snarky blogger at heart:

On Friday, we noted that Democratic Rep. Zack Space of Dover, a freshman from the socially conservative and GOP-leaning eastern and southern Ohio 18th district, was quick to rail against the deal. Literally. As in the headline to his press release trumpeting Space's opposition to anything that smacks of "amnesty" for illegal immigrants employing the word "rails" to characterize Space's stance.

Pryce's anti-amnesty missile came in a bit quietly, in a release that was sent out Saturday night and then landed in our Spam filter not to be noticed until this morning. However, Pryce made it clear that she too considers the deal to be handing millions of illegal immigrants amnesty.

I've got too much mundane grumpiness to really comment on the issues of the day, so I won't, but let me say that if Diebold and ES&S were the real problems, the GOP wouldn't have to go to the mat over and over in shameful-yet-shameless effort to suppress and disenfranchise poor and minority voters. Oh, and the whole invocation infracton flap just brought up the discussion I had with someone a few weeks ago where I said that belief based on evidence is not faith. Politicians keep telling me that their decisions are guided by their faith. I don't mind my public servants having faith, but I would much much prefer that the decisions they make on my behalf were guided by the part of their mind that relied on evidence.

That's just me.

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