Friday, June 29, 2007

Family Values

When Jerid Kurtz of Buckeye State Blog posted the phone number of a top GOP official earlier this year, many of his peers thought that he had crossed a line by posting what they felt was private information, or at least was an implicit invitation to harrassment of a public figure. Others were of the opinion that lobbying a public figure on an important issue shouldn't be restricted to those with access to contact information that was semi-private at best.

The GOP had no such moral dilemma. They responded by publishing Jerid's mother's phone number. Not Jerid's. His mother's. I know two things about Jerid's mother. The first one is that she received harrassing phone calls from right-wingers because of something she neither did nor was even aware of, and the second was that she once had to fight tooth and nail to get out from under the predatory lender she had turned to in order to buy Christmas presents for her children.

Recently, Matt Naugle, the most widely known right wing blogger in Ohio, was taken to task, even by Conservative Republicans, for his attacks on Mayor Coleman's wife. He has claimed and will claim that his attacks were on a state employee and her boss, in much the same way that he claimed his attacks on a college student's party photos were meant to embarrass a low-level campaign staffer, not that staffer's high-profile mother. Just like nobody bought that, nobody bought this either, as he went out of his way to re-publicize his own attacks on Frankie Coleman from the 2006 gubernatorial campaign, and link them together.

Upset that even his supporters thought he had crossed a line, Mr. Naugle responded. By respondeded I mean dug up a twenty year old DUI conviction belonging to Jerid Kurtz's father and posted it on Right Angle Blog. Not Jerid. His dad. Once again, Jerid Kurtz has found himself explaining to a loved one why their private life is now public (short version: because, for some reason, right wing bloggers think it should be). So now I know more than two things about Jerid's dad. He had a DUI twenty years ago, when Jerid was about 4 years old. He's recovered from two broken hips and hip replacements. He's amused that Jerid is the grandson of a former Republican mayor of Miamisburg. And he loves his son Jerid. Wanna know how I know? I heard it. Jerid has posted an audio file of a phone call in which Jerid talks to his father about the conviction and today's posting.

Most rank-and-file Republicans really do value Families, especially their own. We often disagree on what, exactly, that means. But I can't imagine that any of them would be proud of the disregard and contempt that the Ohio GOP shows toward families. Mr. Naugle,


Shame On You.



Dave Hickman said...

Dude, even you start this post by spelling-out how Jerid started all of this by publicly listing Bennett's phone number on the BS blog so people could call Bennett to harass him.

What you are neglecting to write about are all the other false statements and slams Jerid publishes against many others on both the right AND the left. Jerid views himself as positioned just left of dead center regarding the political spectrum. Thus, Jerid inappropriately rationalizes his attacks on people, to both his left and right, as being justified and reasonable.

Well Bonobo, how many people do you actually believe are naive enough to not realize that Jerid would face retaliation in some shape or form?

As I've written many times on the BS blog and elsewhere, the retaliation coming back to Jerid isn't always fair or equivalent. But, it was Jerid's original poor judgments that are coming back to haunt him through exponentially worse retaliatory measures by the people Jerid initiates attacks against... not the other way around

It is too bad Jerid has chosen to ignore my words of experience. It is even more unfortunate that Jerid choses to continue his initiation of false attacks and bogus slams.

Most unfortunate is how Jerid believes that censoring and banning people related to BS blog posting is an effective way to control the message. Jerid may be able to manipulate what appears on the BS blog, but it is apparent that he cannot control the entire Ohio blogosphere.

This Ohio blogosphere is turning sour against Jerid and thus Jerid is just starting to realize that he is having to deal with all sorts of increasing attacks initiated by all sorts of people.

Basically, I don't have a bit of sympathy for Jerid. I've tried to warn him about his antics but he chooses to censor my comments and ban the BS blog accounts I set up.

At this point in the game, I believe that "turn about is fair play" with regards to dealing with Jerid's antics. He has continuously chosen to disrespect others by conjuring-up all sorts of bogus, unjust and unfair attacks.

People simply aren't going to sit quietly and take continuous shit from a 20-something "know-it-all" college kid any longer. Nope, we did that far too much with other college kids during the Kerry campaign in 2004 and it ain't gonna happen again this time with a cocky misinformed blogger named Jerid Kurtz.

Paybacks are Hell, but Jerid has been asking for it since the first moments he started posting on the BS blog.

So Bonobo, if I were you, I'd strongly reconsider what you are doing to justify and rationalize Jerid's poor behavior. I'm not saying other bloggers are not pulling bullshit as well.

However, you are inappropriately depicting Jerid as being something close to sweet and innocent. He is not this at all. I should know because I've been one to regularly expose his transgressions toward others. Jerid's response has always been to censor and ban me from the BS blog even though I'm left of center in my political positions.

That's just not right. Jerid deserves whatever he gets with no mercy whatsoever... tough love.

Sorry about Jerid's luck but Karma is biting him in the ass in the middle of his little Democrat sponsored misadventure to New Hampshire. Sometimes revenge happens when least expected and/or least convenient.

I am only one Progressive Democrat that refuses to stand-up for Jerid. He has initiated far too many derogatory campaigns against progressives. Jerid can go to Hell as far as I'm concerned. He's no better than a conservative Republican in terms of disseminating false information and unjustified attacks.

bonobo said...

Mr. Hickman,

The first time I encountered you, I took you seriously. After that, I've attempted to stay out of the way of any confrontation you try to start, which is probably why I'm the only front-pager at BSB that you haven't accused of being a tool of the Democratic Party.

Here on my blog, I feel a bit more compelled to respond, so I shall.

Please get a life, Mr. Hickman. Not just for your own sake, but for the rest of us.

PlunderBOMB said...

...this is hickmania's life. he knows nothing else. he's a fucking idiot who can't take hints OR blunt force trauma. an absolute joke in the ohio blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

It was wrong for Naugle to post that info, as it was none of our business to know that and is irrelevant to the discussion. But if I remember correctly, didn't Jerid post Bob Bennett's address and phone number?

Anyway, I think that Bonobo is highlighting a good point for both liberals and conservatives to follow:

Keep the personal info out of this. There are better ways to make your points.

Political Outcast said...

That last post was mine.