Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday Morning

1. I never went to Comfest once when I lived six blocks away. We were always out of town that weekend. We finally visited this year, and I now believe the hype.

2. Lots of Psychology researchers are ambivalent or even mildly hostile about MSM reporting on their work. Professional societies have tried to argue to their members that disseminating knowledge is a duty and that the responsibility to ensure the accuracy of that information rests upon them, but you see crap like the press/public interplay on the IQ/birth order story, and you start to see the individuals' points.

3. According to BlogNetNews readers, Blue Bexley is the 7th worst blog out of 90+ Ohio blogs in the history of their ranking system (sharing a bottom 10 with Redhorse and Pho, actually). Thanks y'all for taking the time to vote :)

4. The site re-design left "The Neutral Zone Trap" without a link category. I'm going to have to fix that. It's a hockey blog, but there are more hockey blogs than politics blogs in Columbus, and it's the only one in my RSS. It's entertaining and well-written. She recently compared American hockey fans to John Zorn fans, to which I can only say, it is unclear whether she means fans of the avant-Knitting-Factory-bleater John Zorn, or the grindcore-Torture-Garden-screamer John Zorn?

5. Speaking of politics blogs in Columbus, let me know if you know of any that I can/should link to. Columbuser and I can't continue trading traffic indefinitely. Especially once everybody figures out that we're both just Matt Naugle.*

Enjoy your week.

(*decoder ring - don't read if you like to enjoy punchlines - Matt Naugle is a right-wing blogger. He's every negative blogger stereotype personified. Recently, there has been speculation that Mr. Naugle is blogging under other names at other blogs. Some of this is quite plausible, some less so. I have a lot of respect for most of the speculators, and I understand that sometimes speculating is useful for speculation's sake, but I've been called out by "Brian" since before most of them knew he existed. Say what you will about Columbuser, but it's not Naugle.)

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