Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Arbitrary Milestones Part 2

Sometime during the time period beginning with me typing this sentence and ending with me posting this blog entry, Sitemeter will record the 10000th visitor to Blue Bexley. I can spin that number to myself as high or low, and certainly many of my peers in the 'sphere will understand just how big and small that number is, but it's not all that important. To all y'all, from the political staffers and media types, bloggers and candidates, friends, relatives, and neighbors, to the Search Engine pilgrims, seeking out information on Peter Yarrow, the Stripper Bill, Italian proto-mash-up band Slingshot, or the Old Bag Of Nails fire*, I say thanks.

I'd like to think that the traffic counts don't matter, and I really do hope that my writing isn't any more conditioned by traffic than is inevitable, but hey - if the feedback meant nothing, I wouldn't need Sitemeter at all, right?

I'll do another arbitrary milestone post on BB's first birthday. That should get them pretty well and good out of my system.

*The OBON website lists the Bexley location, at the same site as before, as 'coming soon.' Great news, and we can't wait (h/t Brian)

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The quality of your work is why we visit and what keeps us coming back.