Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pat Tiberi Replies, Gives Blog Feedback

From the mailbox,

a reply to this letter to my Representative,

that references this Republican Policy Committee document,

and this (unedited) Blue Bexley blog post,

much like I did here.

Dear Mr. Sullivan,

Thank you for your email concerning a recent Republican House Policy Committee document. I'm glad you took a moment to contact me.

As you are aware, I am listed as a "contributor" to the Republican House Policy Committee document Flashpoints, Vol. 1, No. 3. As a member of the Policy Committee, I participated in meetings during which broad concepts were discussed that apparently formed the basis for this document. For example, I agree that escalating violence in Iraq, incompetence following Hurricane Katrina, rising energy prices, and unfolding scandals all contributed to Republicans losing seats in the U.S. House of Representatives in the 2006 elections. I was not involved, however, in drafting any of the specific language you cite in your letter.

While I did not participate in writing this document, I fully agree with you that there is, unfortunately, a great deal of disturbing rhetoric in politics today. Last year, for example, a blogger in my district attempted to make a political point by commenting that I was responsible for the murder of children. I think you'll agree that this type of language is not helpful as we confront the important issues facing our country today. Hopefully we can all work toward creating a more healthy landscape of political discourse where we can disagree, without being disagreeable.

Thank you again for your email.


Patrick J. Tiberi

Representative to Congress


Bev Campbell said...

Perhaps Mr. Tiberi might communicate his desire to create a more healthy landscape of political discourse directly to his Republican House Policy Committee...and maybe Mr. Tiberi might even take a stand and condemn the venomous, partisan and "disagreeable" comments by his committee.

DelCo Dem said...

Bev, I agree. Tiberi did not even attempt to deny his personal agreement with his committee's platform of "vanquishing the Democratic Architects of Chaos, Decline and Defeat." I find Tiberi's response to the inquiry to be non-responsive to the questions asked. This leads me to believe that our Senator is more frightening than I had initially suspected. I thought he merely lacked intellect that is proven if he fails to grasp the message that is evident in this committee's manifesto. But lack of intellect combined with the insane desire to exterminate those that do not fundamentally agree with your rhetoric brings to mind several evil and dangerous eras in world history. I had better gather my democrat children and hold them close to me against the inherent evil of Tiberi and this vile committee lest they truly want their "vanquishment".

DelCo Dem said...

Editorial Error noted, Tiberi is my Representative, not Senator. God help us all if he were actually a Senator.

RussKC said...

Does Tiberi read the stuff he himself pens? Maybe he thinks that HE is not spewing hate, because he has been swimming in the NeoCon cesspool for so long.

As far as him being Senator, in spite of his hateful rhetoric he would just be a "middle of the road" Republican Senator.

Who's running against him in the 2008 elections?