Friday, July 06, 2007

Some Congrats

1) To Pari Sabety and her crew. The State of Ohio just underwent a massive IT changeover, moving the bulk of their financial information processing from a 1980's mainframe-based system to the new OAKS system. A move like this has the capability of virtually shutting down government if things go wrong, but as Gongwer (subs.) notes, gets almost no attention when things go right.

2) Plunderbund. Eric has a much-expanded Plundercrew, giving the site an embarrassment of Blogger riches. A number of people had independently noted that there was a surprisingly unfilled niche for a political blog that focused on Columbus/Central Ohio Politics. I tried unsuccessfully to get something going, and eventually Columbuser popped up on the red side, but... As all of the so-called PlunderMonkies are from Central Ohio, I'm betting that Plunderbund heads into the fall as the go-to place for races like Columbus City Council. Congrats to us readers as well, I guess.

3)Travis Irvine. This young man has heeded the call. We now have five candidates for mayor in Bexley. As he is quoted as saying: "Sometimes you just gotta run for mayor."

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