Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bexley 4th of July / FB4*

So I left off on July 3rd, having figured out that the guy at the table next to me was actually a person I've blogged about, Hans Wasserburger, recently appointed City Council Member. Hans seems like a pretty nice guy, about my age, and he was clearly flustered when I said I had written about him here. He asked if it was good or bad, and I said mainly neutral, hoping that was right. Turns out it was. As I said, I was already distracted, as my last meeting with a politician had been with David Goodman at the very same coffeeshop, and I couldn't help but wonder if meeting the author of Blue Bexley at Todd Appelbaum's place of business had amused him.

Anyway, to continue with the boring personal post (it doesn't get much better, unless you like cute kids), the next morning I went out and set our chairs up next to Mound Street. Ms. Bonobo made cookies (aside: cookie baking is definitely a Holiday luxury for her, and it got me to thinking about 1992... Do you think anyone is going to ask HRC if she bakes cookies this time around?), and baby Charlotte tried to figure out what the heck happened to Wednesday. Eventually, time, cookie dough, torrential downpours, and afternoon beer would mean an early evening of watching fireworks from the upstairs window followed immediately by slumber, but before then was a neighborhood picnic, where I (ran into HW yet again, but more importantly) met mayoral candidate Bill Minckler. He and I have been (and continue to be) playing phone tag, but for those who have been breathlessly waiting, continue to expect an interview post in the very near future.

Which leaves the parade.

Charlotte had never seen a parade.

A certain wariness is understandable when even the candidate type participants have a hard time maintaining enthusiasm.

But not everyone is mailing it in. A new acquaintance recognizes yours truly, throws candy.

Put some candy and attention her way, then throw in enough drummers, and Charlotte gets her Patriotism on.

This was our one year anniversary of having a house here, and we are feeling more at home in the neighborhood every day. If any of y'all are reading this... if you could ask one question of each of the four mayoral candidates, what would it be? For instance, Lampke is on the record favoring a bond issue on the ballot to pay for the Police Station... I have no idea where the other three stand. I'm sure you can do better...

*FB4 = Friday Blue Bexley Baby Blogging

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